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300 years of Cello Music - Conference 13/06

"From Giuseppe Colombi to Luciano Berio. Three hundred years of cello music".

with works by Giuseppe Colombi, J S Bach, Paul Hindemith, Luciano Berio, Salvatore Sciarrino, Ivan Fedele, Vittorio Montalti.

The cello is an extraordinary instrument. It expresses its nature in a continuous bass passage, "sings" like a human voice, and remains a wide-ranging and multifaceted source of expression for today's composers.

The cello's repertoire, which over the centuries has inspired Bach and Berio, Beethoven and Sciarrino, is unrivalled in its versatility, and possesses a unique ability to embody the most remote roles and needs.

There is a very rigorous and refined grammar, syntax and logic in the cello's musical discourse, but also a creative and transcendent dimension, which makes this instrument a privileged witness to Western artistic production over the last three centuries.

Presented by Claudio Pasceri with the participation of Jean-Paul Dessy and moderation by Martin Loridan.

Claudio Pasceri

"The wonderful cellist Claudio Pasceri impressed me so much with his musicality and absolute mastery on his instrument, and also with his competence around today's music" - Helmut Lachenmann

One of the most appreciated Italian cellists of his generation, Claudio Pasceri leads an intense musical career.

His orchestral repertoire ranges from Vivaldi concertos to works by Schnittke. He plays with renowned orchestras including the Orchestre de Chambre de Toulouse, Camerata Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra d'Amsterdam and Arpeggione Kammerorchester. A performance of Schumann's concerto was recorded by Bayerische Rundfunk in Munich.

In chamber music, he collaborates with musicians such as Salvatore Accardo, Pavel Gililov, Ilya Grubert, Dora Schwarzberg, Bruno Giuranna, Rohan De Saram, Rocco Filippini, Irvine Arditti and Gilles Apap.

Claudio Pasceri regularly gives masterclasses for renowned European institutions such as the Leopold Mozart Universität Augsburg, Musicalta Rouffach, Conservatori Superior de Música del Liceu de Barcellona. He has also taught cello at the Accademia di Musica di Pinerolo in Italy.

Claudio Pasceri is artistic director of the EstOvest contemporary music festival.

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